If you’ve been longing for motorised curtains but don’t have the budget to completely replace your existing drapes, then look no further. A-OK’s quieter designed, smoother operating curtain openers are easy to install.

With no need for construction work, you can retrofit these motors to what’s currently in your home. Whether you choose to have them installed by a professional, or take the DIY motorised curtains approach, the result will be the same; modern, remote control-operated, electric curtains to easily adjust for the perfect amount of sunlight or privacy.

The Perfect Level of Light and Privacy — Always

A-OK Solutions for Electric Curtains

With a choice of 4 motors, 22 operating technologies and rechargeable battery or 240V options, A-OK Australia has the right solution for your electric curtains.


AM68 Basic

The silent AM68 motor is a perfect combination of German technology. The patented design is simple and exquisite, with great performance.
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AM70 Basic

The AM70 silent shutter motor, with a minimalist, round design, is widely used in the motorised curtains found in hotels, villas, homes, and offices.
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AM75 Quieter & Stronger

New generation helical gearbox ensures more power while lowering the audible operating sound. The AM75 features ‘Touch to Go’, ‘Stop on Block’, & ‘Soft Start & Stop’.
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AM95 Magnetic Levitation

Double roller bearings ensure silent, smooth operation of your curtains. Speed adjustable, the AM95 features ‘Touch to Go’, ‘Stop on Block’, ‘Soft Start & Stop’ and ‘Group Control’.
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How to Install Motorised Curtains Yourself

Although it may seem like a dauting task at first, installing automatic curtains onto your ceiling can be quite easy, and a fun little DIY project for you and your family — even if you’re not the handy type.

When you automate your home with A-OK, you won’t have to worry about getting custom-made curtains that fit your home, or about the price of assembly. Our kits have everything you need to turn your curtains into smart curtains.

Step 1: Setting Up

The first step is relatively simple. Before you do any work, unpack your kit and lay everything close by so that you won’t be struggling with packaging during the installation.

The only tools you’ll need are a drill, a screwdriver, a tape measure and maybe a stud finder. 

Step 2: Installing the Rail

Once you’ve got your kit unpacked and your tools ready to go, it’s time to get to work. The next step is to adjust your extendable rail to the desired length, measure your window and then adjust the rail accordingly. Once that’s done, grab your screwdriver and check that the screws on the pulleys are tight, you wouldn’t want your curtain to fall just as you’re setting it up.

Finally, the last step to get your rail set up is to screw it into the ceiling. In order to do that, you’re going to grab your stud finder to find the ceiling battens, then hook the brackets to the rail and drill them in. Depending on the length of your rail and the weight of your curtains, you might need to use more than 2 brackets — just make sure everything is sturdy. 

Step 3: Installing the Motor

Believe it or not, installing the automatic curtain opener is actually the easiest part of the process. Just plug the motor into the gearbox, then into the power. That’s it! You’ve got remote controlled curtains! 

Of course, if you want to take things to the next level, you could connect them to an automation system so that they’ll open on their own! You won’t even need a remote!

Video Guide

Just in case you’re more of a visual learner, here’s a short video guide that should clear up any doubts:

Frequently Asked Questions

Home automation is a relatively new concept, so questions are to be expected. These are our answers to some of our most frequently asked questions. 

What Are the Benefits of Smart Curtains?

The first, and most apparent benefit is comfort. There’s something to be said about opening and closing your curtains at the click of a button — you’ll never have to pause your movie just to avoid glare from the sun. 

However, once you pair your curtains with an automation system, comfort is just the tip of the iceberg. Imagine not having to rely on a noisy alarm to wake you up, instead having your curtains open up to let the sun in and wake you gently. 

It goes further than that, these curtains can actually lower your utility bill by letting the sun in at the right time to warm up your home without heating. Pair your curtains with a sun sensor and an automation system and you’re good to go!

Are Smart Curtains Worth It?

Yes! Don’t be put off by the initial set up costs. Automatic curtains easily pay for themselves in convenience, practicality, comfort and the personal benefits to you and your family.


Blind Motors
A-OK offers a variety of motors for blinds depending on your needs. We carry 35 mm, 45 mm and 58 mm motors for all kinds of roller blinds, adjustable shutters and store doors. A-OK also carries a range of automation systems that are compatible with radio-controlled motors, which will offer you comfort and performance.


Awning Motors
A-OK offers a variety of awning motors depending on your needs. We carry 45 mm and 58 mm motors for all kinds of awnings such as Lateral Arm Awnings, Balcony Sun Shades, Monoblock Awnings, Pergola Awnings, Verandas, etc. A-OK also carries a range of automation systems that are compatible with radio-controlled motors, offering comfort and performance.


Roller Shutter Motors
A-OK offers a variety of motors for roller shutters. We carry 35 mm and 45 mm motors for all kinds of shutters, with or without cassette, and for all measures. A-OK also carries a range of automation systems that are compatible with radio-controlled motors, which offer comfort and performance.


Automation Systems
A-OK has several solutions on offer to automate control over your awnings, and regular and blackout blinds. A-OK remote controls and sensors will provide you with the safety, comfort and versatility smart systems have to offer.


Venetian Blinds
A-OK offers a variety of motors for venetian blinds. Coaxial 55 mm. A-OK motors for use on outdoor venetian blinds. Easy to install with no need for construction work.


Curtain Motors
Quieter designed, smoother operating A-OK curtain motors are easy to install.


Window Motors
Rack and pinion 56mm. A-OK motor for use on windows. Easy to install with no need for construction work.


Adapters and suports A-OK.