Picture this, you take a little time off from work for a little vacation, hoping to relax and disconnect from the hustle and bustle of daily life. Once you’re sightseeing through your destination of choice, you hear about a storm back home and think to yourself “Did I close my awnings before I left?” Before you know it, you’re as stressed as ever, doubt gnawing at you without knowing just how much damage you’ll find back home.

When you automate with A-OK, that’s a thing of the past. Our retractable awning wind sensors make it so your home can protect itself from harsh weather. They can easily detect poor weather conditions and automatically open or close your blinds and awnings as needed.

Fully compatible with all A-OK’s controls and automation systems, they can detect sunlight, rain and wind. Now you can protect metal fixtures from corrosion, and save on your utility bills by letting in or blocking out the sun as temperatures heat up or get too cold for comfort.

Let your home worry about the weather. Save money and worry less by automating your home with A-OK.

Benefits of Automated Sensors

Sensors equal efficiency. Unless you’re watching the weather like a hawk, you’re bound to miss the best times to open your awnings to let in some natural light or maximise passive cooling. Even with a timer, you’d have to constantly adjust it as the seasons change. Not to mention that timers won’t do anything against sudden weather events like gales, rain, or hail.

Sensors allow for intuitive automation — just set it and forget it, your smart home knows what to do. Once you set up the sensors; your blinds, shutters, and awnings will open and close as needed without any input from the user. This way you’ll save yourself the hassle of setting up a timer or opening them manually, and lower your utility bills while you’re at it.

Radio motion sensor

Our Radio motion sensor is used for protecting awnings in windy weather. It works with the A-OK radio receiver and the electronic engine, which automatically removes the awnings when the wind reaches its predefined level
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Veleta sensor

Our Veleta sensor can detect both light and wind, which makes it perfect for automatically opening your awnings at designated times like sunrise, and closing them if the wind gets too harsh. 
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Light sensor

The AC131-01 mini size, solar powered, radio light sensor, can be freely stuck to any place on a window to check the light intensity. Through a simple interface,  it can be programmed to open and close the shades to save energy. 
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