It’s 11 am on a Sunday, you’re still in bed and all you want is less light in your room. If only you could draw your blinds at the push of a button… Well, now you can. At A-OK, we’ve got everything you need to motorise just about any type of roller blind, awning, curtain, or window.

Motorised systems for interior blinds are a great addition to your home’s automation repertoire. With A-OK powered tubes, you go from manual to electric in a matter of minutes.

The use cases for motorised blinds don’t stop there; with the right automation tools, you can schedule your blinds to open and close at specific times during the day. You can even connect your blinds to your smart devices and operate them without a remote.

Depending on the series you choose, A-OK motors can also power projector screens, shutters, and blinds of all sizes — all of this without the need for complex installations or specialised tools.

Blinds That Do More, So You Don’t Have To

Do More With Your Manual Blinds

The best part about these motorised systems is that they can be retrofitted to most cord-operated blinds, allowing you to expand the functionality of your living area in many ways. Once you’ve experienced the ease that comes along with automatic blinds, it’s hard to go back to the manually operated ones.

Our electric blinds will seamlessly integrate into your daily life, making things just a little easier. Some of the most notable advantages include:

  • Efficient cooling — your air conditioner won’t have to work too hard
  • Light filtering on demand
  • Easy installation — no electrician needed
  • Remote controlled operation

A-OK offers a variety of tubular internal blind motors ranging from 35 mm to 45 mm for all kinds of internal blinds, with or without cassettes, compatible with all opening sizes and dimensions. We also offer a wide range of automation systems that can be integrated into your setup with ease.

Series AM-35

A-OK 35 mm tubular motors are an elegant solution for your manual blinds and projector screens. The conversion requires no specialised tools or electrical procedures — simply plug and play. The feature-packed AM-35 range has something for everyone; choose between standard, silent, solar-powered, and radio-controlled motors.
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Series AM-45

The 45 mm motors by A-OK are perfect for indoor as well as outdoor applications such as automated blinds, awnings, shutters, and screens. The AM-45 series comes packed to the brim with features; solar power ready, obstacle detection, built-in radio receiver, silent operation, mechanical limit switch, and much more!
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As previously mentioned, our motorised systems are easy to install. In fact, installation is so simple that it should only take you a few minutes to set up your own diy motorised blind. It doesn’t matter if you already have manual blinds or if you’re doing a brand new installation. All you’ll need is a tape measure, a drill, a screwdriver and possibly a studfinder. 

Step 1: Measure Your Blind Diameter

Step 1 is actually performed before you buy. It is crucial you measure the diameter of your blinds BEFORE purchasing a motor — you don’t want to be stuck with a motor that doesn’t fit! We stock 35mm motors; which should fit standard small and mid-sized blinds, and 45mm motors for larger installations.  

If after measuring your blinds you find that neither option would fit your setup, get in touch and we’ll help you find one that does. 

Step 2: Install the Brackets

Once you’ve purchased a motor, installation is quite simple. Alongside your motor, you’ll find a square mount that attaches to the wall. Installing it is a simple as drilling into the wall at the height you want your blind to be, and screwing it in place. Make sure the mount is secure since it will hold up your blinds once you’re done!

Once the wall mount is properly mounted, it’s time to focus on the motor itself. On the side of the motor you’ll find two screw holes, simply place the included bracket over the holes and screw it in. Again, make sure it’s a snug fit.

 Step 3: Fit Your Blinds

By now, your tubular motor should be ready to hang up on the wall. But before you do that, you need to fit it over your blinds. If you’ve properly measured your blinds, then you just have to insert the tubular motor inside the blind tube and lock it in place. 

Depending on your model and blinds, you might encounter different motor mechanisms. Usually either a twist-and-lock or a second bracket that attaches on the other end of the blind. 

Step 4: Hanging

There you go! Your diy automated blind is ready! Simply push the bracket into the wall mount until it clicks in place. 

Congratulations! You just installed a roller blind motor. Now its time to sit back, relax and enjoy the comforts only a smart home can bring. 


Blind Motors
A-OK offers a variety of motors for blinds depending on your needs. We carry 35 mm, 45 mm and 58 mm motors for all kinds of roller blinds, adjustable shutters and store doors. A-OK also carries a range of automation systems that are compatible with radio-controlled motors, which will offer you comfort and performance.


Awning Motors
A-OK offers a variety of awning motors depending on your needs. We carry 45 mm and 58 mm motors for all kinds of awnings such as Lateral Arm Awnings, Balcony Sun Shades, Monoblock Awnings, Pergola Awnings, Verandas, etc. A-OK also carries a range of automation systems that are compatible with radio-controlled motors, offering comfort and performance.


Roller Shutter Motors
A-OK offers a variety of motors for roller shutters. We carry 35 mm and 45 mm motors for all kinds of shutters, with or without cassette, and for all measures. A-OK also carries a range of automation systems that are compatible with radio-controlled motors, which offer comfort and performance.


Automation Systems
A-OK has several solutions on offer to automate control over your awnings, and regular and blackout blinds. A-OK remote controls and sensors will provide you with the safety, comfort and versatility smart systems have to offer.


Venetian Blinds
A-OK offers a variety of motors for venetian blinds. Coaxial 55 mm. A-OK motors for use on outdoor venetian blinds. Easy to install with no need for construction work.


Curtain Motors
Quieter designed, smoother operating A-OK curtain motors are easy to install.


Window Motors
Rack and pinion 56mm. A-OK motor for use on windows. Easy to install with no need for construction work.


Adapters and suports A-OK.