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Advantages of Automating Your Blinds

Blind motorization offers many advantages, namely:


For this purpose we have wall and radio controls that will offer comfort and simplicity when rolling your roller blinds up or down, since no physical effort is involved; pressing a button will suffice.

No need for construction work:

No construction work is necessary to install motors on blinds. This is achieved thanks to tubular models that only need to be installed inside the shaft of the blind, and set up the electrical connection.


Blind automation allows them to be rolled up or down depending on the presence of sunlight or through programmable schedules, thereby preventing the loss of heat during winter or exposure to it during summer. This allows for energy savings in our home, which results in financial savings.


We have models of motors that prevent blinds from being rolled up by strangers, with a bounce function when detecting obstacles for the safety of the user and the blind itself, preventing damages. Furthermore, blind automation allows to simulate the presence of people in our homes.