Installing solar panels on your home is a great way of cutting down on your utility bills while also helping save the planet. Unfortunately, they are not a consistent energy source; you’ll get no power on cloudy days, and might get more energy than you actually need when the sun is shining bright.

Most users simply rely on utility companies for power on darker days and connect their solar panels to the power grid to funnel excess energy when they produce too much. Unfortunately, this means they’re still relying on fossil fuels for part of their energy needs.

Luckily, there’s a better way. Instead of funneling your excess energy into the power grid on days where the sun is beating down, you can use solar panels with built-in batteries to store it. On days rainy or cloudy days where your solar panels aren’t producing energy, you can simply rely on your batteries to keep the lights on and significantly reduce your carbon footprint.

Benefits of Solar Power

Most people are aware that solar power is good for the environment because it doesn’t pollute. But if that’s not enough for you and you’re still on the fence about going solar, these are some lesser-known benefits of solar power:

Higher Efficiency

The energy created from fossil fuels isn’t just terrible for the environment, it’s also quite inefficient. Since most people don’t live close to the power stations that supply them with electricity, all that energy has to travel through miles of cables before reaching their homes, resulting in loss of energy and poor performance.

When you install a solar panel in your home, the energy only has to travel a few meters, at most, minimising energy loss and increasing the efficiency of the system.

High Return on Investment

While panels might seem expensive up front, they have little to no maintenance costs. As long as you keep them uncovered, they’ll soak up sunlight and produce electricity. In fact, for those living in sunny areas, most panels quickly pay for themselves.

Solar Powered Blinds, Windows & Shutters

A-OK’s solar power battery packs bring you one step closer to a fully renewable future. What better way to power your window motors, blinds, and shutters than to use the sun that shines through them? Save up the energy from sunny days and power your smart home without spending a dime on electricity by using only clean, renewable energy.

Stopping climate change is a team effort, browse through our range of products below and lower your reliance on fossil fuels to help keep the planet safe.


Easy installation and sleek design make the AC-601-1 a great way to gather clean energy without sacrificing style.

  • Simple design, nice looking
  • Amorphous silicon panels PVC film packaging process
  • High strength aluminium alloy frame resist to scratching
  • Tape and screw installation, easier and flexible

Simple, but effective, you can’t go wrong with the AC-602-1.

  • Converts sunlight into DC power
  • High efficiency conversion rate
  • Long lasting battery life

With its aluminium frame and waterproof capabilities, the AC-602-2 is perfect for areas with harsh weather.

  • Waterproof design IP67 class
  • Aluminium frame
  • Emergency power option
  • Compatible with all A-OK control systems
  • 4400 mA / h internal lithium battery, 14.8

    Thanks to its adjustable stand, the AC603-01 can catch sunlight at any angle.

  • Rechargeable lithium battery and low consumption
  • Simple installation
  • Installation mode with adjustable stand

AC701-01 rechargeable lithium battery, charged by electric charger or solar panel, is able to provide the power of DC motors.

  • Connects to DC tubular motors
  • Lithium battery is capable of charging and discharging 500 times
  • Charged by electricity charger or solar panel. It takes about 6 hours to fully charge
  • IP65 waterproof, suitable for outdoor installation