The solar panel is the key parts in the solar power system. It absorbs the sunlight and converts into electric power to charge the rechargeable battery. It greatly contributes to the world dream that energy saving and green earth.

  • Simple design, nice looking
  • Amorphous silicon panels PVC film packaging process
  • High strength aluminium alloy frame resist scratching
  • Tape and screw installation, easier and flexible

Solar panel translates the light energy from the sun to electric power; output the DC power store energy into the storage battery, solar panel is the key part in the solar power system, its conversion rate and using life is the important elements which decide if the solar panel has the use value.

  • Waterproof design IP67 class
  • Aluminium frame
  • Emergency power option
  • Compatible with all A-OK control systems 4400 mA / h internal lithium battery, 14.8
  • The AC603-01 solar panel combines solar panel, rechargeable lithium battery and low consumption
  • Simple installation
  • Installation mode with adjustable stand

AC701-01 rechargeable lithium battery, charged by electric charger or solar panel, is able to provide the power of DC motors.

  • Connect to DC tubular motor
  • Lithium battery. It is capable of recharge and discharge 500 times
  • Charged by electricity charger or solar panel. It takes about 6 hours to fully charge
  • IP65 waterproof, suitable for outdoor installation