Get cool shade and protection at the click of a button. With A-OK’s transmitters for remote controlled awnings, blinds and more, controlling the weather on your patio has never been easier. You can even set designated open and close times, to keep the temperature just right and help you save on your utility bills.

Compatible with all A-OK motors and smart home hubs, our handheld and wall-mounted transmitters can take your smart home to the next level. They allow you to control not just awnings, but also blinds, windows, and curtains — just by clicking a button!

Our Handheld Devices

Imagine this, you’re trying to have a relaxing evening watching a movie, but the sun is setting at just the right angle to get into your eyes. Yes, you could get up and close your awnings yourself, but a much better option is to use one of our remote controls to tell your automation system to do it for you.

We offer a wide range of handheld remotes that are fully compatible with all of our products so that you can make the most of your smart home, without losing your seat.

AC123 Premium series

Elegant finish. Available in 1, 2, 6
and 16 channels.
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AC127 Deluxe series

Rechargeable via USB. Available in 1, 2, 6 and 16 channels.
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AC129 Mini USB

Rechargeable via USB and compact size. Single channel.
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AC114 Classic

Classic design and LED display. 1, 2, 6
and 16 channel.
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AC116 Pocket Remote

AC116-03 portable remote, small size, easy to use option of 1 or 4 channel. More Information


Our Wall-Mounted Devices

If you’re looking for a more powerful device, one that can set up specific open and close times and control multiple rooms at the same time, then you should consider our wall mounted remotes. 

These are unobtrusive and can be positioned on any wall, consuming very little power. Even better, some of our models can be removed from their wall brackets to double as handheld devices. 

Fixed Wall Mount Remote 4 scenarios
Wall mounted remotes. Programmable for up to 4 scenarios. More Information
Push Button Wall Mount Remotes
Wall mounted remotes with magnetic media. Single channel. More Information
Removable wall mounted remotes. Available in 1,2, and 6 channels. Contact Us For More Information
AC133-05 Wall Mount Remote
Wall mounted remote. Controls up to 5 channels. Contact Us For More Information
AC125 – AC126
Available in 1 and 2 channel models. Contact Us For More Information
AC142 Multi Function Wall Remote
Multi-function wall mounted remote. Contact Us For More Information
AC128-01 Timer Wall Remote
Wall mounted remote. Includes timer functionality. Contact Us For More Information